Wednesday, January 25, 2006

beautiful welfare

It seems that everyone that i know right now is either working in social services and/or going to school for social work. and even though i am currently working in child welfare, i sometimes feel like an interloper. there is something very un-beautiful about this kind of work. (for me. for me.) and it brings me to this question: is beauty a luxury? or is introducing a sense of beauty a grand act of social welfare? and am i just channeling charles dickens right now, with all of his morally righteous poverty stricken icky kind of romanticism?

i ran across this idea of theraputic writing the other day. i really believe in the power of writing: to release, to feel forgivness, to repair a hurt soul. and i also believe that it is important to study the narratives of our lives, whether it be the victimized self-defense revenge fantasy narrative of the bush administration, or why it is that really gorey horror movies are coming back into the mainstream.

so it's clear that i like to think. and i'm definately not paid to think at my current job. which is why if i were to stay in the social services field, i think i would really have to do policy or administration. i love me some thinking and questioning; and if i dont get to do it, it becomes really self-destructive. but the current task, for real, is to find more of a job. the part time doesn't cut it. and thinking isnt going to do shit to help me with that.


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