Tuesday, January 31, 2006

bitter idealist

let me tell you something. and i think i have said it here before. looking for a job sucks. its just long days with you and your fucking qualifications. and you don't actually talk to anyone. but you are constantly in conversation with unnamed people, faceless evaluators that will read your email and them throw the fucking thing out.

and. and. i don't talk to anyone all day.... and then my lady comes home from working with 22 (spell it out and count 'em: twentytwo!) 4 year olds, and she is tired of course, and i'm all, "i saw this great job today" and " can you read this cover letter" and "i don't suck as much as my resume says, do i?" and she's all eyelids closing, but trying to make them stay open because she loves me and wants to be there for me. and i want to talk, because i haven't used my vocal cords all day, and she wants to nap, because she's had to calmly and relentlessly exercise them.
but tomorrow i send out a resume and cover letter i've been working on all day. and i feel good about it. although there is something about including salary requirments, and i have no fucking idea where to stick that information. and since thinking sometimes prevents me from doing, i just bet i will spend a good part of the morning trying to figure it out.

p.s. bush said tonight in his state of the union address that he wanted to dump a shit load of money into math and science education, so we can be on the cutting edge of creative technology. thanks georgie -- fuck art, eh? the only important education is math and science education? and this, my friends, is why i need to get back into school. to work in the study of the arts and humanities and make it political and pleasurable. give me an illuminated manuscript any day.


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